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Let Wayne Tech help you create authentic content and digital touchpoints that engage and connect your brand's audience.

Digital Design

From digital product revamps, custom dashboard designs, responsive web and mobile designs, and content strategies that keep digital touch points alive and breathing, and custom interfaces for advanced digital surfaces - Wayne Tech creates an all-around better better digital experience that is intuative and informative for the end-user.

Print Design

In what seems an all-digital world with brand awareness, Wayne Tech knows the power of a well crafted print project, and the lasting positive imapact a well designed package or book can have on a customer's senses. Award winning print design for annual reports, brochures, and books - we design print that is kept, not tossed.

Social Media Content

Wayne Tech creates visual content that compliments integrated brand campaigns and grabs the attention of a brand's audience. We offer everything from content creation that puts your brand on the map, to influencer marketing that leverages authentic messages and connections to drive branded results that are memorable.

Data Visualisation

Visual communication design is more important than ever in a multi-platform digital space. With collosal amounts of data being loaded on to digital dashboard screens for corporate analysis, an overload of details can slow interpreted analysis if the data is difficult to read. With the rise in popularity of corporate data dashboard systems, Wayne Tech draws upon 15 years of expereince in executing the best design practices to ensure our system interfaces are simple, readable, and visually engaging for the best results in compiling data.

Custom Applications

Many businesses are building their own mobile apps and there are many reasons why you should invest in a mobile app. we are in a digital era and if your business does not have a mobile app, then it could mean that you are lagging behind your competitors. you could be missing a huge opportunity to attract potential clients, no matter how far they are. Just having a website will not give you an edge over your competitors.

Fully Responsive Layout

With over 70% of all web users accessing content and searches on mobile devices, the largest search companies have changed the game of “find and connect” to sites that are available on multiple devices. We are able to create a new digital experience for your website that not only meets the rigorous demands of the new digital rules, but turns your site that in to an experience that will be talked about.

Creating digital brand experiences that work

Your audience expect content to be informative and engaging - content that is utilitarian
- not useless.
With more than 15 years of brand communication experience, Wayne Tech knows that great content is no longer just pictures and taglines that are disconnected from an audience that takes in content at a brief glance.
A great brand experience needs to be informative and available at all touchpoints. Wayne Tech understands there are more intricate details within a digital experience - whether it is an app, website, or a user journey that make a successful project work.

  • Omni-Channel
  • Experience design
  • User Interface
  • Interaction design
  • Video content
  • custom wechat systems
  • wechat games
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Bossini daily fashion app

Empowering confidence in shopping, and creating influencers

The e-Commerce side of the app should continue to be as simple and functionally in-line with the web-based e-commerce site. The suggested goal of Phase 1 of the app, would be to NUDGE users in to signing up and creating an online profile. An online profile of a customer with simple information would give Bossini access to a wealth of knowledge to build the tools essential for digital customization for the user. Without valuable information such as gender, location, birthday, etc., creating integrated customization with today’s current digital tools, very difficult for personalization, and getting branded messages to the intended audience.

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VR Experiences

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Brand Image Campaigns

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Social Media Content

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